Sunday, 18 January 2009


earlier today my dearest called me , we were taking a break from eachother to figure things out, it was my idea though, he didnt want to take a break from me as he claimed. anyways, he called o galy ena he wanted to see me in X restaurant (our favourite japanese rest) it's always empty o romantic o el staff rabe3na;p , elmohem he had this serious tone o 7da i freaked out, because i knew enna ra7 yefta7 mawtho3 el marriage again *gulps* , so i told him that i'll be meeting him at 7, 6b3an mn esa3a 12 pm (the time he called) le 5 o ana mu gadra ag3ad, wallah it was the worst feeling ever!! el muhem 3ogeb ma 9alait el ma'3reb , i applied my make up carefully o kesha5t o teba5arat;p , o ofcourse i wore my favourite pink diamond earrings( his gift on my bday).

at 6:20 6ala3t mn el bait, we9alt elmukan leflany at taqreban 6:43 , as usual we9alt gabla, i messaged him o getla eny we9alt, our table was ready as usual so ge3adt ne6arta, o yat 9adeqty el waitress et'hather 3ala rasy , waitress: helloooooo madame moi!! how are youuuuuuu?? where's mr HH?? (masra3 masawatny madame!)

moi: im finee, he's coming, how are you?

waitress: im goooooooood , so your having the usual ?

moi: i'll order when he gets here, ok?

waitress: suree

elmuhem solaft weyaha o lel7en HH masharraf, it was 7:03, 7ady etnarfazt, i know enny getla at 7 bas kent so nervous! o 9ayerly mn zman mu shayfeta so i missed him like hell!!

a family of four came in. waitress had to go, so i was left alone with my thoughts.

i was playing with my phone when the hottest hottie opened the door of the restaurant , his face lit up when he recognized me, and made his way to our table. wallah el3athem enna everytime i see him madry she9er feny i feel weak, i feel like i cant function! 7ada not fair:(!

he kissed my cheek and sat down before me. i couldnt stop smiling , i really really missed him.

HH: shlonich baby?

moi: el7emdella eb5air, enta shlonik?

HH: much better now enny sheftech..

(moi dies)

moi: so ..lets order?

HH: sure

he ordered the usual , crab salad with tempura shrimps, shrimp noodles o 3afsa on top (sowalfy 6b3an, HH 7da tharb he usually eats smoked salmon, i know 7da boring!)

solafna randomly o ashwa mayab el6ary yet, o b3d shway chan our order yo9al

HH: moi ?

moi: hala? (ambee!!)

HH: ga3ed afaker eb mashroo3 (what?)

moi: mashroo3 sheno?

HH: you know, my job, a7es i should move to the next level

moi: thats a great idea HH! start from now , i mean you have the capablity 9a7?

he nodded

HH: moi, i've been thinking of alot of things these last couple of days, ana mu s'3eer anymore, o enty ba3ad mu s'3era 9a7? " he reached for my hand.

moi: i guess.

HH: so i've been thinking about my job " he grinned"

moi: your job? ee 9a7 embayen!

HH: hehe, i love you yal kalba

moi: i love you too

HH: la 9ij 9ij, i've been thinking, shlon alagy wa7da nafsech? short tempered, jobless, a cry baby, malgoofa, o..

moi: heyy!! it's not funny!!!!

HH: *giggles* let me finish...

HH: i love your anger issues, i love the fact that you cry 3ala everything and anything, i love yout hair, your beautiful dimply face , walla wela 3umry sheft wai matroos '3amazat chethy hehe, i love everything about you , i mean it.. o moi, ana we9alt 7ag mar7ala ely i wanna wake up with you next to me, i wanna sleep at night with you next to me, e7na cham 9ayerlena together 3,4 years?

moi: 3

HH: moi 7abebti im ready to take the next step.

bal3oomy enshag i was going to cry.

moi: you know i thought about it too

HH: and..?

moi: i think that.. i cant live without you

a stupid tear crept down my cheek, i brushed it bser3a!!

HH: dont.. he squeezed my hand

HH: i take that your..ready??

i nodded.

7abebi he was soooo happy! :***

HH: ana already kallamt el walda, o enshallah 3ogub three days beshofonech (WAIT A SEC WHAT??!!)

moi: besmella! 5al ahaly yadroon awal!

HH: dont worry , it's been taken care of . he winked

moi: aham shay enik wayed watheq!

HH: iam , kaify you're mine..

moi: 7abebi latehsta6 wayed hehe!

HH: sektay sektay you are mine , plus i got you something . he took something out from his pocket .

HH: there you go ( it was a beautiful pink diamond ring)

moi: sheno hatha?!

HH: baby i know you love pink diamonds, sheft this ring o 7ady 7asaita 7agech , gimme your hand o lat5afeen its not THE ENGAGEMENT RING

i gave him my hand. i was shocked!!

moi: thanxxx 7abebi!!! you didnt have to!!!!!!

HH: shh, malech sh'3el, your my fiance now

he wasnt helping!!! tears were stinging my eyes, wai wai fashla!!

awal maradait elbait i opened my laptop o ketabt this:P!! o I guess I GOT ENGAGED ELYOM!!!


Lost b2amreeka. said...

:O:O:O:O MABROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lost b2amreeka. said...

ambai ambai im so happy for uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu el ibtisama shagat 7alji :P

moi said...

lost eb2mreka: b3d 3umryyyyyy:******* allah ebarek feech!!

sexy_sour_sweet said...


Charmbracelet said...

Am jelous! =P
Mabroooook moi!=*

S said...

Mabrook!! Good news!! finally!!
Allah itamim 3alaikom hun ;*
Finally! a good start to 2009.. My faith has been revived ;p
Good things DO happen to good ppl!
We'll be expecting something in 3 days ..should we?

moi said...

sexy sour sweet: thanxxxx hunny:**

charmbracelet: lool, el fal lech:** allah ebrak feeech:**

s: eeee finally:D:D allah ebarek feech:** , in 3 days?:P i guess!

S said...

i'm so happy for u ;p
but there's this one thing..
ma3arif ayabib ;p

moi said...

s: wala ana;\

Cooookies said...

MABROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK !! hehe waaaaaiy anasaa ;** thats great news :P

aham shay ine shta6ait ;$

Um Mit3ib said...


abadan mentay hayna;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


that was a beautiful way to be proposed to!


this is such great news!

3asa allah ewafegkom o la y'3ayer 3laikom ya rab =)

moi said...

um mit3ib: bas ba3ad ba9eer 3anes lazm ad5al el gufa9 el thahabi:P

dandooon: allah ebarek feech 7bebi:**, el fal lech;p

Candy said...
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Candy said...

hi 7abeeby,
mabrooooook :DDD
so wallah wanasah,to see lovely happy couples
like u guys,
i wanna be in love,its somethin will spice my life

Lilo said...

Oh my god! cutekuuum <3

desertpalms said...

alf alf alf mabrouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk!!!


im so so soooo happy for youuuu! u shud see the BIG FAT SMILE on my face!!

hope it all goes welll..Allah ykhaleekm 7ag ba3aa6'!!

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

UMBAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!! 7adaaaaa WANSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!! walaaah il 3a'6eeeem i got happy 7gich !!!! alaah eewafhich inshalaah oo eebarik lukum oo yarzgich il thiriya il 9al7a inshalaah.. :* oo tell him that 7aleeb kakaw says "deer balik 3alaaiha wella tara ya wailik" hehehe MABROOOOOOOKKKKKK :********* !

Ruby Woo said...


Mabrook o allah ywafigkom inshalla ;*

FourMe said...

mabrook dear you deserve this.. alah ytamim 3alaikom w ywafgkom inshala:*

Stitch said...

Alf mabrook :D allah ytammim 3alaikom inshallah ;*

Zaina said...

mabrouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk ;p
I wish you a lifetime of happiness :***

Gutter Flower said...

waaaaaaaay that was so cuuute mashallaa! Allah etamim 3alaikum bel 5aair yaraaab wehaneekum inshalla.. mabroooook darling! really good news.. so happy for u! that was beautiful i actually have tears running down my face at the moment.. happy tears happy tears.. (pmsing BIG time..) hahaha.. ;***

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

Awww mabrook alf alf mabrook sweety : ***

allah ytamim 3alaikum o yakfeekum min shar il 7issad goolay ameen : *

i wish u and HH a very happily ever after :D

moi said...

coookies:looool 7abebtiii allah ebarek fech;***

candy: love treated me bad at times, now it's my share of happy times:D, thanx 7ayati;*** enshallah u find the one!

lilo: enty el cute;*, allah ebarek feech:D

dp: looool ur sooo cutee!!;**, allah ebarek fech hun;**

7aleeb kakaw: did i mention before that i adoreee u??:D, thanxxxx alottt 7ayati;******

moi said...

ruby woo: thanxxxx hunny allah ebarek feech;**

fourme: aww thanx;**

stich: allah esalmich o e5alech 7abebti;**

zaina: aww thanx:**, 3o2balek;p;p

gutter flowers: oooooooops;\ im soooo sorry!!;*** lool , allah ebarek fech;**

p.anony: thaaaaaaaaanxxx 7bebti;** that was so sweet!

Even Sweeter said...

Heeeyy MOI!!!! OMG Mabrooooooookkkk!! walla i am so so happy for you sweetieee testahlen kill khaaairrr... mwaahhh WAAAYY ETSHAWGOOOOONN ALLA ETAMEM INSHALLA!!

hugs and kisses ;**

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaayy mabroooooook babe allah ykhaleekum 7ag ba3ath inshalla oo ytamem 3alaikum!!!!

Pourqoui said...

kulululululululeeeeeshhhhhh mabroooooook ;*** mwafiga inshala :D

shoosh said...

cuteee!!! hahah mbroook ;)

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

oo did u know ina i adore u 2 :** !! oo ur welx hon. !!! LOVE YA MWAAAAH !!

Anonymous said...


Glitter said...

So true love does prevail??

How inspiring! :-)

Mabro0k Sweets..

Abi Pink Diamond Ring ana b3d!!
mn wain ?!!

libero anima said...

aaaw that's sooooooo sweeeeeeeeet !

allaaaaaaaah yes3edkum weya ba3a'6 ! i dunno why bss i feel like crying too!
oh man im getting all mushy now ..

e7m ..
mabro0o0ok huni ! =D

NadooY said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.. moi mabrooooooooooooooooooooook.
really happy for you.
inshala ull be together 4 ever.
oo pink diamond thumps up. :P
alf alf mabrook.
id aybib bas ma a3arf shloon.

S E 7 E N said...

hahahahahahaha mabrook

shoosha said...



atwaqa3 we would've killed u itha u didnt agree! hatha illy nage9 ba3ad!! ;p

bananaPie said...

madre aana ketabt ehne men gabul wla la' BAS MAKO WAGT AFAKER WHO CARES 7ADE SHTA6AIT its awesome how fresh THIS IS .. MABROOOOOOOOK GIRL:))))))))))
HAHAH IM SO HAPPY Allllllllllllllllllllla yewafegkom YARAB!

Limited said...


time to pop out the champagne haa xD j/k .. walla tistahlaain 7bibty!! 3gbaly!! allah y5aleekm l ba3'9 .. w goole leh ydeer baleh 3laaich or the blogging world is coming after him!


M said...

mabrooooook.. 3asa raby yes3edkum inshallah :*

Music, Happiness, Love said...

omg im so jealous;( does he have a brother?;p

Anonymous said...


Starlight<3 said...

Mabrook sweety ;*

Hope you have a life full of happiness :)


Jacqui said...

Awwww mabrooook babes :) Netmanalech kel khair inshalla hehehhe ba3dain 3 years is nothing :P Wely etgolich this year will be her 7th lol bs some issues arose, who knows I'm hoping this is the year things happen for me bs allah kareem, ed3eeeely hehe..

I would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to experience a similar romantic proposal... allah etamem 3alaikom inshalla :***

moi said...

thanxx everyone for ur sweet wishes and support a7ibkummm;******** , jacqui enshallah 3la a5er this year ella enty yayba 3yal:P:P, glitter: im obsessed with pink jewellery o i think the ring is from al fares bas ast7y as2al!!

Jacqui said...

Awww ba3ad chabdy walla enshalla allah yesma3 minich heheh 3ad la etgasreen with the stories now :P Hehehe prepare some and hide them away until u get busy with everything then it'll be automatic posting :P

altho i have known u for a short while.. loves you :)

moi said...

jacqui: awww love u more 7bebi;***, la 3ad kelesh wla my story!! screw real life;p!

Jacqui said...

awww ashwa hehe someone like me :P i live too much behind the screen its hard for me to embrace real life sometimes :P

moi said...

jacqui: wallah me too:(, o ams 9ar shay 7da 3assarniiiiii!!! men yet7asefon e9eron perfect;p!

Glitter said...

Afaaaa, sh saaar elly 3assarach wenty tawech makh6o0ba? <-- balaghat shaf, adri sorry!

hope it all work for the best :-*

moi said...

glitter: lol its ok babe;p ana b3d malgoofa:$!! thanxx;*

JuMaNa ;) said...

WaaaaaaNaaSaaa hehehe :D


Klololololololosh :D :D :D

Lili3 said...

mabrooooooook!! XD

Glitter said...

Bacher is the third day, right? ;-)

so should we be expecting a new post by 2moro night?

*crossing her fingers*

moi said...

glitter: no actully ELYOM;\!!

PaLoMiNo said...







7AYATY ;****

DreamerGirl said...

Sweetie, congrats!

The best to you and hubby.

lama said...


Choco Loco said...

MABROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!! oo alf mabrook!!! inshalla allah iwafigkum!! i luv u!! congratz!